Video Marketing

Utilize the power of video to snag viewer’s attention through interactive messaging.

Video reigns supreme in our digital era. We’ve seen the boom in video thanks to platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and even Instagram Reels or Snapchat video.

Did you know that 87% of marketers use video as a tool? That’s nearly all marketers in the online space, and they use video because it’s a proven method to generate sales and create brand awareness. At Next Level Marketing, we are part of that 87% who use video to help your brand thrive.

Video marketing, when done correctly, can be even more effective than text or image-based marketing. In fact, about 8/10 people are likely to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video.

Why? Customers get to see your service, product, or business in action. It’s interactive and keeps their eyes on your content longer than a still photo.